My essential oils journey began by using Peppermint aromatically to cool and clear my head.  I then started adding lavender to lotion soothed my skin.

Over the years I’ve discovered the beauty of using essential oils in every day life and almost every room in my house has its own diffuser. The spirit of my home is more at peace and balanced when essential oils are being diffused.

What really kicked started me sharing essential oils with others was after a personal health scare that happened just a few days after Thanksgiving in 2017.

I passed out in the Christmas section of our local Walmart store. Which resulted in me hitting my head on the concrete, a trip to the ER via ambulance and being told I had a concussion. All of the blood work and CT scan came out clear, so I, a healthy woman, "just passed out".

I went home with a concussion and slept away almost 2 weeks, waking only to take pain killers and and eat instant oatmeal b/c I couldn't chew as I had bitten my tongue badly during my fall.

2 weeks after the fall, I was improving but still had some challenges. My recovery took some time. In an effort to boost the wellness that I was experiencing, since I was already generally healthy, a dear friend encouraged me to try essential oils. I’m so glad I did.

Since starting to use essential oils in my daily life I’ve felt so good and experienced a new level of health and wellness!

At this point, I knew that I couldn't just keep essential oils to myself anymore, this was not the first time I'd seen oil wellness at work in my life!

It is because of my positive wellness experiences with essential oils that I want to share them with you!

Oil Wellness for Life is possible! It is a journey of bringing essential oils into your home and using them to empower and support your mind and body -- AND remove toxic chemicals from your home that are detrimental to your health.

Embracing Oil Wellness for Life,
Misty Leask 

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